Localisation Services




We offer subtitling services for over 60 languages. Our subtitling teams are ready to take on any project.




At AEMG we offer top quality dubbing into various languages at affordable rates. Our studios in Cape Town and Mumbai currently supply content to various international channels for broadcast.




We aprovide video description and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. Let us help you take your content to new, untapped audiences.

Specialised Audio Services

Voice Specialists

We have a large bank of multi-language voice artists. Our engineers are trained to capture pristine voice recordings fit for broadcast.

Audio Processing

Tracking, final mix, mastering, dialogue-editing, foley creation... we do it all! Contact Us for a quote.


And MUCH more! Contact us for a quote.

Did You Know?

We have our own OTT platform called TV2Africa!

The platform is brand new and is still being populated with content, but feel free to go and have a look around!


Cloud Services

Africa Enterprise Media Group aims to change the landscape of content creation, management and distribution through a custom PaaS (Platform as a Service) model. We offer a complete Cloud as a service platform including the following:

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ProductionCloud – Live content production in the Cloud

MyMedia Cloud – Ingest, manage, archive and distribute digital content

TV2Africa – OTT content distribution platform in various popular distribution models

AdCloud – Managing, insertion and monetising your digital content

AEMG’s main advantages are flexibility and modularity. We offer a comprehensive solution that allows running any video-related business via the Internet or virtual private network (VPN).

Our services provide a range of features which makes it easier to ingest content, sell content and share video streaming such as TV programmes or Pop-Up channels for event broadcasts. We will also cater for Live content feeds, as well as to create and promote your own video-related website and app.

AEMG’s aim is to provide Cloud based services across the life cycle of content – from a small content creator to a large broadcaster.

AEMG provides a range of features which make it easier to ingest, sell content, share video streaming such as TV programmes or event broadcasts, Live TV feeds, as well as to create and promote your own video-related website and app.

We provide an online TV- and video-content distribution and management service for broadcasters, distributors and owners of content who wish to sell on to their customers.


Our Award Winning VFX and Animation company can do anything fom Live 3D animation to a complete 3D animated movie! Visit our partners' website here:


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